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MACEDONIAN PAPER MILLS (MEL) was founded in Patras in 1964 by Georgios Ladopoulos. In 1967, the company moved its headquarters to Northern Greece, where it continued to grow. Its rapid expansion, thanks to investments in technology and know-how, made a significant contribution to the region’s economy and MEL quickly became one of the few paper producers in Greece. In 1984, MEL came under the Business Reconstruction Organisation (OAE), and was privatised in 1998. Since March 2012, MEL has been a member of the PAK GROUP B.V., which is the company’s sole shareholder. Today, MEL S.S.A. is a leader in the production of recycled cartonboard in Greece and the Balkans, Europe, and countries of North Africa and the Middle East, while it is also the only industrial facility in Greece to produce recycled cartonboard, with an annual coated carton production of 120,000 tons.


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Quality and responsibility in every aspect of the company’s operations form the basis of our philosophy. This includes quality and responsibility in services, in employee and partner relationships, and in our corporate social responsibility actions. Genuine respect and reciprocity govern the company’s employee relations.

MEL’s vision, based on the principles of a circular economy, calls for leveraging all of the components of the supply chain to ensure sustainable development.

Operating with social and environmental sensitivity, the company offers its products and services by applying best practices and resource conservation principles, with utmost concern for the environment.

With an appreciation for the value of secondary raw materials and their full utilisation, the company lessens its energy footprint while creating highly productive jobs and improving the lives of citizens. To that end, we actively contribute to educating the public about recycling as part of our corporate social responsibility actions.