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Access to this website (henceforth referred to as the “Website”) of the “MEL-MACEDONIAN PAPER MILLS SA” (henceforth: “MEL”), is subject to these conditions:

Access to, browsing and visiting pages of information included on the Website constitute acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the user.

MEL may modify the Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Once the changes are published by uploading them onto the Website, it is automatically assumed that you unconditionally accept them once you connect to the updated Website. For this reason, it is recommended that you visit the Terms and Conditions page regularly to ensure that you stay informed of any changes and/or upgrades.

All data included on the Website (such as: information, texts, images, sounds, logos and in general any type of data, henceforth referred to as “Content”), as well as the Website itself, is protected by intellectual property rights (Law 2121/1993) and all databases are the exclusive property of MEL and/or third parties.

Under no circumstances are you authorised to download Content, unless it is intended strictly for personal, private and non-commercial use, on the condition that all references to intellectual rights and copyrights related to the Content are retained and that you refrain from making any changes or modifications to the Content. Any total or partial export, reuse, reproduction, representation or modification of all or part of the Content for a purpose other than for personal and strictly private use (specifically including any public display or any commercial use) is forbidden without MEL’s prior express consent.

You are solely responsible for the use you make of the Content appearing on the Website, including material from third parties.

Marks and logos appearing on the Website are the property of MEL or third parties. Any reuse in any form of these logos and marks is forbidden, unless you have received authorisation from MEL or another third party which is in possession of similar logos and marks..

No reference to the Website should be construed as conceding rights to you as regards the aforementioned logos and marks.

MEL reserves the right to modify, suspend and/or discontinue at any time, occasionally or permanently, all or part of the Website; to upgrade or to correct the information provided on the Website; or to undertake improvements to it without prior notice. In these circumstances, MEL is not liable for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Website or of access to it.

In order to prevent the spread of computer viruses or other harmful programs, MEL makes every effort to apply technical means meeting prevailing standards. Nevertheless, given the structure of the Internet and the speed at which it evolves, MEL is not in a position to guarantee the complete absence of viruses or other malicious programs. In all events, it is your responsibility
to regularly back up your data before connecting to the Internet, as well as to install appropriate antivirus software.

In accordance with applicable regulatory provisions, you acknowledge and expressly agree that: This Website is made available to you “AS IS” and is accessible depending on its availability, without any explicit or indirect guarantee of any form on behalf of MEL. You also accept full responsibility and any risks associated with the use of the Website. MEL makes no promises or guarantees that the Website will perform in the expected manner, without interruptions or errors, nor that these interruptions or errors will be corrected and/or that said Website does not contain viruses.

MEL does not provide any guarantee, explicit or implied, as to the accuracy, exhaustiveness and compatibility of the information to which you have access on the Website through its intended use. Any material you acquire in any manner is at your own risk. MEL is not liable for any damage suffered by your computer. To the extent permitted by legal or regulatory provisions in force, MEL disclaims any liability for direct or indirect damages (including loss of profits, customers and/or data).

Furthermore, MEL assumes no liability in regard to services you may have access to on the Internet. MEL disclaims any liability for any occurrence which may be due to the use of the Website which is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of use.

Any link or links appearing on the Website and the creation of frames thereon are subject to prior authorisation by MEL, at whose discretion such authorisation may be rescinded at any time. MEL reserves the right to require the deletion of any link or frame on the Website for which it has not provided authorisation or for which it can no longer continue to provide authorisation. The Website may include links to other websites.
MEL assumes no responsibility for the content of these sites to which you may have access through the links provided on the Website. The presence of active links on the Website in no way implies that MEL controls or approves of the content of those sites to which links have been created, or of those sites which have created links to the MEL Website.

By using this Website, you assume responsibility for refraining from disseminating and/or transmitting messages, images or information in general that may violate the privacy of individuals, constitute an act of discrimination, be conflict with public order and moral dignity or violate third-party rights. You also assume the responsibility of verifying the content of any message or information you may disclose.

MEL reserves the right to amend the terms of use of its Website so as to comply with possible future legal provisions.
These Terms and Conditions are governed by Greek law. Any disputes arising from the use of MEL’s Website falls under the jurisdiction of the courts in the location of MEL’s company seat.