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MEL, meets the challenge of the environmental goals set by the E.U. and becomes the first company nationwide to be financed with ESG criteria – (Environmental, Social and Governance). Forwarding circular economy, MEL is committed to reducing thermal energy, electricity, drilling water consumption and special CO2 emissions by 2025. In full alignment with the principles of sustainable development and with the aim of saving natural resources, MEL aims to reduce the percentage of virgin pulp while at the same time it will focus on reducing the percentage of solid waste. With social responsibility and recognizing that the most important asset it has is its human resources, MEL, from 2022 will implement or participate in trainings on environmental awareness, proper equipment maintenance, energy management, as well as, health and security. At the same time, the Company's goal is its participation in events related to sustainable development and the circular economy.

Date of publication: 08/02/2022

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