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Promoting Circular Economy

The term of circular economy is part of our lives the last years and tends to increase its presence and necessity more and more. Through this Economic system and its cyclical action, less raw materials and more recyclable are used to protect the sustainability of the environment and the reduction of waste. The need of a circular economy arises from the continuing population growth which implies an increase in needs. The result is an increased demand for raw materials which are disappearing over time. In order to ensure the adequacy of natural resources, it is necessary to follow a new economic growth model that will reduce waste, reduce the need for new resources, through their smart use and continuous reuse.

M.E.L., since 1964 promotes the model of circular economy, by using solely recyclable paper as a raw material to produce coated cardboard. MEL is the biggest recycler in Greece, using more than 120,000 tones/year of wastepaper for its production needs. Thus, our production process does not require new resources but recyclable ones. M.E.L. has also a sophisticated waste treatment plant, which contributes to internal recycling. MEL applies practices of circular economy, that lead to less use of raw materials, thus protecting the sustainability of the environment and reducing waste. Except from social and environmental profit, the results are also economic as new jobs and more opportunities have been created for further development of the company.

Date of publication: 8/2/2022

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