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Εducational excursions 2022-2023

With the importance of sustainable development becoming more important than ever, the Macedonian Paper Μills S.S.A with a sense of social responsibility supports and encourages every educational initiative in thedissemination of recycling for the needs of saving raw materials, energy and protection of the planet in general.

What was previously considered "waste" can now be turned into raw material. The circular economy is a new economic model with zero costs but with an inestimable return value for the ecosystem. Environmental balance, strengthening the economy and sustainable development are just some of what we have a duty to teach to the coming generations.

From 01.11.2022 we reopen ourfacilities with the aim of welcoming our children into the world of recycling, so that they can get to know first-hand how it works and realize the"green" footprint it leaves on the environment and the economy as well.

For information and instructions regarding the scheduling of your visit, please contact 2310728163 & 6983851805 or via email on psarpotas@melpaper.com.

Best Regards,

Panagiotis Sarpotas

Date of publication: 16/10/2022

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