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New Kraft-Kraft board from MEL!

We are proudly presenting the new Kraft-Kraft board!

The uncoated double sided kraft board is the new product in MEL’s portfolio, made in the mill in Thessaloniki, Greece. Committed to always explore new materials and products, MEL has come up with this new kraft board, as an answer to the global trend and the rising demand for kraft board grades.  Thanks to its consistent kraft reverse side, the new recycled Kraft-Kraft with outstanding specifications offers a natural and environmentally friendly appearance. Due toits high stiffness and caliper, Kraft-Kraft provides optimum optical requirements, solid visual brand appearance and excellent performance with highprocessing performance high runnability on processing lines. As all other MEL’sproducts, the new Kraft-Kraft board is 100% recyclableFeel free to ask for free samples.

We look forward to your inquiry! 

Date of publication: 28/12/2022

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